People who get into Forex trading will sometimes here of The Tradehouse. However they may not know the story behind the name, or other history. This article will help answer the question, “What is the Tradehouse?”

The Beginning

In late 2014 or so, a group of people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area learned of the Forex market. They were working regular jobs at the time, but liked what the Forex market could offer.

Mike Miles, Jordan Morgan, and one other individual came together and started the DFW Tradehouse. This was literally a house/apartment/whatever in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that others who wanted to learn about Forex could come and trade together, live.


It was also around this time that Mike and Jordan joined iMarketsLive and rebranded themselves online to The Tradehouse.

What is The Tradehouse?
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In the beginning the folks running The Tradehouse didn’t put a lot of effort in the recruitment part of iMarketsLive (since rebranded to IM Mastery Academy or “IM”.) They spent the majority of their time educating people on what they knew about Forex, determined to help others learn about this financial market.

Who and What Is The Tradehouse?

Quite simple The Tradehouse is a group of people who are dedicated to helping you learn how to become a successful Forex trader. In fact only 8 of the 56 sessions on the internal Tradehouse schedule are related to the opportunity/mlm aspect of IM.

This is a group of people who are dedicated to helping others learn Forex as well as improving many other areas of their lives. It’s one of the few organizations that the phrase “People over Profits” is really true.

What about the other Tradehouses?

Over time there have been other people and groups who have come into IM Mastery Academy and used names with the “Tradehouse” in their name.

It is the opinion of the author that they were attempting to profit off of the Tradehouse name. The author has been wrong before and admits that he could be in this case. That’s the beauty of opinions, everyone is entitled to one.

That having been said, at the time this article was written none of the other groups that have the Tradehouse in their name are a bad option for those wanting to learn Forex.

However, when you ask yourself, “What is the Tradehouse?” you now know the true and correct answer to this often asked question.

Want to Join?

Are you ready to learn the Forex market? Then we highly recommend that you join us, Forex Secrets Unleashed, in IM with The Tradehouse.