In the early days of IM Mastery Academy (IM) there were a few individuals who where there through some very rough times. This group, The Tradehouse has become one of the most educational forces within the company. Take a moment and review these Tradehouse Training videos.

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Phase 1

When you are trading… there is ALWAYS someone on each side of the deal.

When you are buying and get “stopped” out, you must sell back your position.

Learn about the true nature of why candlesticks make their movements so that you can effectively determine an entry point and price targets.

There are many Patterns that are going to show up in your charts.

You are going to learn how to identify manipulation around these patterns that the masses are shown, so that YOU can be the one taking precise entries rather than getting stopped out.

There is a specific method you much implement to identify super specific price points in the market that can be used as entries and exits.

Rather than guessing, or attempting to trade large price “zones” watch this training to understand the charting process you will undergo.

Supply and Demand moves price. Smart Money must buy to sell… and sell to buy. 

Learn how to bring an extra layer of precision to your trades by going deeper into the true nature of how the professionals must trade.

Understanding this will completely change how you interact with the markets.

New lesson 5 available soon.

Phase 2

Every Day… On Every Time Frame…   There is an abundance of opportunity.

When you Fear Missing Out on a trade, you set yourself up for Failure.  There are Four types of Fear you may face.

Learn about WHY Patience will Pay and Begin to Trade with Confidence!

There is a process you will go through when identifying a setup. 

The amount of money on the table is endless… would you rather take low risk, high probability trades or chase entries? Quality triumphs over quantity any day, remember there will always be setups.

Have you created a bunch of expectations in your head towards what the markets can do for you? 

Whatever your goals may be… it’s essential that you take the time to properly assess what you really want from the markets. Understand one trade isn’t going to “make you rich…!”  Lesson 3

Trading can be a business… but most of the retail crowd treats it as a hobby. 

Find out how to differentiate yourself from the 96% who are LOSERS in the market and position yourself on the winning side. 

This lesson will also reinforce everything you’ve studied up until this point!

A Trading Plan is something most traders consider… but most fail to clearly define what they want to accomplish!

Discover what you should absolutely include inside of your daily operations and feel confident making progress.

Your future depends on you.

Phase 3

Smart Money does not want you to win. They will do whatever it takes to hit stop losses and force you out of the position. 

Learn about what you may expect to see prior to the market moving in the intended direction of your price targets :

Keep your charts super simple, because trading does not need to be difficult.

Created May 1 2019

You need to know what you are looking for before understanding why you are looking for it. 

There are common characteristics we identify in the markets every single time we find a high probability trade scenario to act on. This… is our Signature Trade

Learn how to scale in and out of your position by using tools such as the Fibonacci Retracement

Add an extra layer of confidence on top of your analysis by understanding proper use of specific indicators and exactly why you are using them in each situation.

Follow this Step by Step checklist to know exactly what confirmations to look for when identifying trade setups.

This topic was highly requested by the trading community and as a bonus we decided to put it on this site for now!

Richard Wyckoff is one of the grand fathers of trading systems.

Smart money must accumulate and distribute their positions much differently than retail traders.

Learn what they do, how to spot when they’ll do it, and understand why!

This page is not sponsored by the Tradehouse group. We decided to put this Tradehouse training section together as it it fits in nicely with what we personally believe and strive to achieve in our own training.

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