The London Payout is part of the Tier 1 services within Vibrata. The Tier 1 services offer you a “Done For You” analysis wherein you simply copy and paste the data as it comes in. London Payout (LP) is a paid add on service. If you are an IM customer who has Vibrata, you simply to to your IML Back Office, Click Shopping Cart, and add “London Payout.”

The price for this add on is $10.00 per month. Please remember, this price is subject to change. If it has we may not have updated this section to reflect that. However as of March 06, 2020, this information is correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. London Payout Requirements

    You must be a member of IM Mastery Academy.
    You must have a subscription to Vibrata . At the time (last verified March 2020) the Elite Package contains Vibrata. You can also add on Vibrata to a Platinum Package.
    You must purchase the LP Add On in your IM Mastery Back Office. Click the “Shopping Cart” link to add it to your account.

  2. What is the LP Win Ratio?

    High. While it is extremely risky to do so, you could grow your account a lot with London Payout. We say risky because the potential for great returns has a tendency to cloud the judgement of those making the trades. This leads them to risking more than they should per trade.

    To be clear, we are not suggesting that you over leverage your account, nor take risks that could wipe out your account.

    We are saying be careful, use your better judgement (as opposed to the greedy judgement.)

  3. What are the results?

    This image was the most recent at the time this page was last updated. Many months are positive.

  4. Who Runs London Payout?

    Overall it is run by IM Mastery Academy. However, the two individuals who are sending out the alerts are Kevin Serrano and Dr. Kathy Kirkland.

  5. How often are ideas sent out?

    The key with any service is Quality over Quantity. If Kevin and Kathy do not see a trade setup they like and that meets their rules, they are not going to send it out. If they were to send out ideas that were of questionable quality, they would be doing you a disservice.

    Kevin tends to focus on various GBP pairs. Usually he looks for one setup in the Tokyo session, London session and New York session. Remember though, if he doesn’t see a setup he likes, he won’t send it out. Sunday evenings (Monday session, Sydney/Tokyo) are less likely to see an alert sent out.

    Dr. Kathy Kirkland tends to send out alerts for indices and crypto currencies. Depending on your own personal broker you may nor may not have these in your trading platform. She will send these setups out at various times during the day. As of this writing, we haven’t noticed a definitive pattern.

  6. What do I do when a trade is sent out?

    Remember the Tier 1 services are “Done for You.” Thus when you see a trade idea come in to London Payout, you simply input the data shown on the alert, and wait. Be sure to stay tuned to the Telegram channel, as they often send notes there about closing early, etc., which gets to you quicker than the notification inside of Vibrata.

  7. How do I get alerts about trades?

    When logged into Vibrata, look on the Lower Left portion of the page. There you will see a section titled “Power Trades” and one of the circles under it will have “LP” in it. Click on that to see the information related to the most recent trade alert.

    When logged into Vibrata you will get an audio alert that sounds different than the normal Vibrata alert.

    You can also subscribe to a Telegram Channel that will notify you of new trade ideas. While you need to log into Vibrata to get the information, an alert goes to Telegram to let you know it’s there.

  8. When are the Live sessions?

    This answer is constantly in a state of flux. When London Payout first started there were no sessions dedicated only to trading LP. It was simply a service that sent Trade Ideas to you.

    As time progressed, there are some sessions where *any* IM Mastery member can jump on, and get the same Trade Ideas that are going out to London Payout. In reality viewers of these sessions will get more Trade Ideas that what would go out to London Payout.

    As of this writing, Kathy and Kevin has a combined 6 sessions within the Vibrata section of goLive. However, there are usually other sessions that happen at other times which are not on the official schedule.

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