One of the tools available to you in IM Mastery Academy is Vibrata. (Note, this used to be called the Web Analyzer, however, due to a company rebranding, it’s now Vibrata.)

This video was created in October 2019, and shows you the new Vibrata interface. You will learn how to navigate the interface and where things have moved to.

This tool gives you potential setups on various pairs in a variety of ways. This video is going to give you a basic overview of Vibrata. If you want to join IM Mastery Academy, then click here. Learn more about IM Mastery Academy here.

The YouTube video found at the beginning of the above video is here.

Here are the current settings for the Ichimoku Cloud indicator used on the ECC-11 Strategy. Remember, you will need to pick the Save As Default in order for the settings to stay in place.


Conversion Line Periods: 6
Base Line Periods: 13
Lagging Span 2 Periods: 26
Displacement: 13


Conversion Line: Change to RED
Base Line: Change to BLUE
All other settings can remain as they are.

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