Three pairs today.


A few days ago we touched a daily high not see in a while. As you can see, we had some pull back, down to a weekly level, then up again.

Long term, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the .9750 level in play again. Probably a week or so to get there.

EURGBP – My Thoughts – 20/03/23 by teaguetrading on


19. 1985. We’ve just bounced off a low from March 19, 1985. With the markets in a free fall, I’d suspect we’d see the March 15 low of 1.08 in play soon.

If one had the flexibility to do so, a long term play to the 1.08 level might be in play.

Short term, though, I’d expect another bounce, then up to 1.1575 area before dropping.

GBPUSD – My Thoughts – 20/03/23 by teaguetrading on


This pair is on it’s way down. Has been for a while.
I’m thinking right now we are coming down to the 1.0675 area. another push up, before making ti’s way down to the weekly level at 1.0550.

EURUSD – My Thoughts -20/03/23 by teaguetrading on

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