You may be asked how you ended up here. Perhaps you wished to join IM Mastery Academy to learn more about Forex and/or Crypto trading, or you wanted to join the newly formed TLX, for hotel discounts.

Sadly, we are currently locked out of our account for ‘abuse’ and are unable to sign you up to our team.

What type of abuse? Honestly, we’re not 100% sure. We do very little recruiting and zero posts on Social Media, so we couldn’t have violated one of those policies. As far as the website goes, we’ve never been informed that anything is wrong with it, or out of compliance.

What is possible is a case of revenge against us.

From May of 2021 through June of 2022 we worked for IM Mastery Academy in a contractor role. During that time we were unable to recruit for or build our business here at Forex Secrets Unleashed. When we left IM we gave zero indication as to our plans for the future. Honestly, they were of no concern to anyone there. Had they specifically asked if we were going to work for a former colleague from IM, we would have told them the truth.


You might be wondering why we bring this specific question up. When we reached out to people who still worked at IM, but more importantly to Jason Brown, (Yeah, that Jason) it was indicated that were told we left IM to work for a former colleague. This would have been against the restrictions on our contract signed with IM. As we’re doing quite well in our other lines of business, we don’t need to go looking for working in ways that might get us sued.

Thus it would seem someone, or a group of people were upset that I left, or simply didn’t like me, period, and decided to retaliate. We hope this is 100% false, and that it didn’t happen. However, right now, we have no other working theories as to why we are banned.

Information Notice

This page was written on August 29, 2022. If you were directed here when visiting Forex Secrets Unleashed directly, or from one of our join links, the information is still correct. If you found this page via engine, or some other means, it may not be accurate.