Forex Secrets Unleashed has been a customer of iMarketsLive for over 2 years. While that may seem like a long time, the reality is that we’re just getting started! When you join our team, we’ll be helping you in your journey.

For as long as you remain a member of iMarketsLive within the Forex Secrets Unleashed family, you will get the following extra features:

  • Access to a select group of Member Only Facebook groups that will help you in your trading. You will have access to long time traders with decades of combined experience. These groups and tools are exclusive to those who are invited to join.
  • Exclusive access to Bounce Back Manager and Trend Line Manager for MT4. Includes hours of training videos to educate you on the use of the tools.
  • Exclusive access to BoydPips™ – A trade idea service. This is exclusive to you as a member of Forex Secrets Unleashed.
  • Free Managed WordPress hosting services from our sister company, Synchronized Hosting.
    • Your referrals can get these same services at a negotiated discount.
  • A members only section of Forex Secrets Unleashed (as of April 2019 this is a planned feature.)
    • We are planning to offer members only videos and possibly live sessions via this feature.
  • Access to a Slack chat room for FSU members. (April 2019 planned feature.)
  • Looking to grow your own IML business? We’ll be here to help with that as well.
  • Other things we come up with as our journey continues.

If you have questions, please email and we’ll get them answered for you. You can also visit us on Facebook at Forex Secrets Unleashed.

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  • Platinum
  • $164.95
  • per month
  • The Platinum Package has everything you need to get started in your Forex journey. The Forex and Crypto Academy’s, along with the Harmonic Scanner and TV sessions are great way to start your learning.
    Note: The first payment is $225.00
  • IML Forex and Crypto Academy’s
  • IML TV (All Sessions)
  • Harmonic Scanner
  • Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions
  • Pip Talk (Basic)
  • Select this plan
  • Elite
  • $274.95
  • per month
  • The Platinum Package PLUS has everything you need to get started in your Forex journey – and more!
    You get everything from the Platinum Package, plus access to Swipe Trades and the Web Analyzer.
    Note: The first payment is $325.00
  • IML Forex and Crypto Academy’s
  • IML TV (All Sessions)
  • Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions
  • Pip Talk (Basic)
  • Swipe Trades
  • Web Analyzer
  • Bounce Back
  • Gold Cup
  • SwipeCoin
  • High Frequency Forex
  • Select this plan

Please note: Gold Cup, Bounce Back, Swipe Trades, Swipe Coin, High Frequence Forex, Pivots Scanner, Levels Scanner and Web Analyzer are available as “Add-on” type options. Thus you could order the Platinum Starter/Monthly package, and add-on only the products you wish to use.

The owner of this web site does receive a commission when you join IML via the links on this page.


Once you have joined iMarketsLive via the Forex Secrets Unleashed webpage you must contact us to get access to the extras mentioned above.
Please include your Name and Username in the body of the email.

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