People have questions about iMarketsLive, including what it is, what it does, and how it can help them. While we’ve tried very hard to answer these questions throughout the site, we’ve also included them here to make it easier for you to quickly find the answer you are looking for.

This IML FAQ is designed to help answer those questions for you.

What is IML?

IML, or iMarketsLive, is an educational program designed to help you learn about the Forex market. It is primarily an educational resource, though it does have some extra features.

In addition to the educational components they do have a collection of tools that present trade ideas to you. Remember, these are ideas, and it’s up to you, the owner of your trading account, to determine if it’s a good idea.

Is IML a Scam?

Depends on what you consider a scam. If you sign up for IML expecting to be a millionaire in a month, then you might think it’s a scam. However, if you join knowing that you have a long educational journey ahead of you, and you are willing to learn, then it’s not a scam.

What is Learn and Earn?

IML has this concept of being able to earn while you are learning. The idea is that you could use services, as an example, SwipeTrades, to place trades in the market and earn while you learn.

Please note: Forex Secrets Unleashed recommends that you do NOT use these services in the first few weeks of your Forex journey. Why? Simple. You don’t know what you don’t know at point. You should learn about the market, some of the technical signs, and at least learn about what’s happening.

Why is IML so expensive?

A common question, and one that is going to be relative to ones individual situation. It’s also a very long and complicated answer.

Let’s look at the price of one site that offers Forex training online. To take their ‘Professional” course, you first have to take their Core course. The price of their Core course is $5,500 for 5 days. There is a part 2 of this course, and we don’t know if you need that or not. If you do, it’s another $2,200 and 2 days. Then you can take their Professional course. This course is $5,500 for 5 days of education.

Right now that site is up to a minimum of $11,000 for 10 days worth of education. They have other options and courses that could send the cost up even higher.

With iMarketsLive you could be at the Elite package for 40 months and spend almost the same amount of money. If you were to get the Platinum package, you would get 66 months of education for almost the same amount of money. (This is based on prices as of 06/2019.)

So is IML expensive? Well, to some people it will be, and that’s the unfortunate part of the world today. However, when you look at from the perspective above, IML is a great educational option you should consider.

Is there anyway to get IML for free?

iMarketsLive has a “2 and Free” program, that could help you get your IML service free. In order to get your next month free you must have 2 active and paid subscribers under you.

You can NOT be an IBO. Those two accounts under can NOT be an IBO. The payment must be made within 24 hours of your due date. A person who referred who currently has 2 and Free will NOT count toward your 2 subscriptions needed.

2 and Free is a great way to help you offset the cost of IML while you learn and start building your trading account.


While primarily an educational service, IML does have a side of the business that is structured like a MLM. If you would like to refer people to the educational resources of iMarketsLive you could join as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and begin showing IML to people.

Please note: It’s possible to make money in the Forex market WITHOUT becoming an IBO. In other words, the real value in IML is the education. The MLM component that is some extra, for those who wish to take adantage of it.

What does it cost to be an IBO?

The cost for an IBO is $15 per month. You do NOT have to purchase a Platinum Package to qualify for the IBO. (Source: IML Compensation Plan, June 2019)

How much can I make as an IBO?

That’s a question we’re not going to give you an answer to. Why? Well, if you are the type that is only driven by raw numbers, then this isn’t something for you. Being an IBO means showing people the power of Forex, and how it can change their lives. It’s not something that you just join and hope to make money.

Yes, there are levels that can be reached would be satisfy the majority of the population out there. However, if the only thing you see is the numbers, and nothing else, then honestly you are not a good fit for our team.

Can I make more money than Forex Secrets Unleashed?

Yes! How much you earn is 100% dependent on the work YOU do in the program. If you recruit more people than we do, you will be at a higher level than us, and earn more than we do. It’s that simple. This also means you could make more than 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels above us. In fact, you could make more than the current top rated person in IML.