If you are here, then you’ve probably had trouble paying for your IML subscription. There are a few reasons why your IML payment might fail. On this page we’ll go over some of the reasons why payments fail, and how you can resolve the issue.

When a payment is declined it’s important to know who declined the payment. It may surprise you to learn that the payment source might have been blocked by iMarketsLive and not your bank. Thus it’s very, very important to read the error message carefully to determine what it is telling you.

IML Rejection

There are times when IML’s internal systems have determined that you might be attempting a fraudulent transaction. In order to protect themselves from these types of transactions they will ask you for more information.

Bank Rejection

Other times it’s your bank or credit card company that is denying the transaction. Due to some marketers who will claim anything to get a sale, some people think they are going to be overnight millionaires when joining IML. As a smart person, though, you know this is not true. However, the banks will have their mind made up that IML is a scam.

We suggest that you call your bank and let them know that you would like to purchase educational products from IML, and to please allow the transaction.

Do Not Honor – PV-05

PV-05 Payment Failed message

This is an error code that is generated by the bank that issued the card to you. If you get this error message then you should contact your bank. IML will not be able to assist you in this manner.

Explain to your bank what you are wanting to do, and that you are aware of the transaction. They should allow the transaction to go through.

Known Decliners

We’ve heard through various sources that the following banks will not approve a payment to IM Mastery Academy.

  • Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America*1

*1 Bank of America is suspected, but not confirmed.