One of the best parts of IM is the compensation plan that goes with it. This is a review of the IM Mastery Comp Plan. With this page I’d like to show you how it’s possible to build a sustainable income by simply showing IM Mastery Academy to others. *

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Basic Breakdown

First things first, let us take a look at a basic overview of the IM Mastery Comp Plan.

Change the world

If you personally refer 3 people, you get $150 per month.

As soon as you reach 30 people in your group, you are up to $1000 per month.

Once you accumulate 12 people, you are up to $600 per month.

All payments are made to you on a weekly basis. You read that correctly. You get paid every single Friday. No waiting for the end of the month to receive your funds.

Moving on Up!

These numbers go much, much higher. Depending on how many people who have in your organization, you could be up to $500,000 per month. *Disclaimer

For the full details on the IM Mastery Comp Plan, you should take a look at the PDF with the full information.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is join IM Mastery as an IBO or Independent Business Consultant.

Once you click on the links above, you will be taken to the sign up page. Right after you enter your phone number you will see “Joining As” and a selector for “IBO” or “Customer.” Choose the IBO option.

Be sure to click the "IBO" option in the "Joining As" section.
Be sure to click the IBO option!

After you have signed up you will then be able to start referring people to IM. Make sure that they sign up with your link so that you will get credit for it.

Next Steps

Start getting the word out! You have a list of friends; go contact them! Put on webinars about the opportunity. Invite them to the numerous opportunity calls that we have as as group. (We do the work, you get the credit.)

This is a business. And you need to treat it like such. Think of it this way. If you were able to get one sign up per week, you could be at the Platinum 1000 rank in 30 weeks. The more you help people get sign ups, the faster you will reach your own goals.

IM and the IM Mastery Comp Plan are great ways to add an additional income stream to your current income. Not all who join will be successful, but the opportunity is very real. *


Now is the time! Sign up as an IBO today and start
showing this educational opportunity to others!

* Disclaimer: Results require work. If you don’t actively work the business, you will not get any results.