If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Derek Bok, Char Meyers, Robert Orben

Many people are listed as the author of this quote, however it is what you should be thinking of as you read this article. There will be some people who will think, right off the bat, that becoming educated on Forex is expensive, and thus they can’t afford it. However the cost of not knowing about Forex is greater than you might imagine. There are some significant IM cost savings.

This is a $6 Trillion market … per day. If you took 0.001% of that you would have $600 Million. 0.00001% is $600,000. Then 1% of the $600k is $6,000. The point that we’re making here is that you don’t need to capture 10% of the market to be a winner. The big banks and governments are trading trillions of dollars a day. We, the retail traders, just pick up the table scraps. Those scraps, however, are enough to allow us to live comfortably.

We are going to show you the cost of a nationally franchised Forex education experience compared to the IM cost savings. This will show you some of the IM cost savings side by side. Each of these programs offer slightly different education paths, so a true comparison can not be done. However, we’ve broken the items and costs into categories so that you can see who offers what. We are going to compare the most expensive options for each company.

IM Mastery Academy

  • 65+ Videos in the new Academy
    • Various tests over content you just learned.
    • Basic to Advanced education.
    • Crypto Academy.
  • goLIVE – Daily training sessions. Over 1000 hours a month, with 12 different languages spoken.

Strategies / Training

IM Mastery Academy teaches a variety of strategies that you can pick from. Learn one or learn all, but in doing so you will find one that is a fit for you, and your style of trading.

These include

  • Harmonics Pro
  • Vibrata
    • Triple Fire Strategy
    • London Payout
    • Simple Scalper
    • Index Infusion
  • Gold Cup
  • US30
  • Levels
  • Pivots
    • Dynamic Edge
  • Steady
    • Steady Swift
  • Delorean
  • Bounceback
  • Harmonics Pitchforks
  • Ignite
  • Colors
  • Flow

Share and Earn

IM Mastery Academy has a Network Marketing aspect to the business. It is NOT required that you participate in the IBO (Independent Business Owner) program. However, if you were to choose to do so, the potential for even more earnings is possible.

The cost to become an IBO is $15 per month.

Online Trading Academy

  • Professional Forex Trader (5 Days): $5,500
    • You may then continue with education below
  • XLT – Forex Trading Course
    • $9,350 for the first three months; and
    • $700/month each month thereafter
  • OR
  • $13,750 for the first three months and the ability to retake this class for life.

Trade Scanners/Ideas

According to their website, these are only available via the Mastermind Community product. There are prerequisites that you must complete before you can purchase this product from them.

At the time this comparison was written the Mastermind Community product showed the following pricing information.

$15,000 for the first year; and $5,000 per year for each year thereafter; OR $25,000 for the first year and access to this community for life*.

Share and Earn

There are no referral or Network Marketing options listed. You could, however, inquire about starting your own franchise.

According to their site, you must have a net worth of $500k, and at least $250k liquid cash.

Maximum Cost

Below you will find the maximum costs for each program.

IM Mastery Academy

Here is how pricing breaks down for IM Mastery Academy.

FRX Academy – $174.95/mo
DCX Academy – $174.95/mo
ECX Academy – $174.95/mo
TBX Academy – $174.95/mo
Elite (FRX, TBX, DCX) – $324.94/mo

FRX Pro Pack – $49.95/mo – Can be added to any package above. It is NOT included by default in any of them.)

Some optional add-ons have not been included here.

Independent Business Owner


Online Trading Academy

We took the most expensive options available from OTA, which were the “For Life” options when applicable. We decided to go ahead and divide that by 3 years to come up with a monthly cost.

The total cost for the most expensive options would be $44,250. This would come to an average of $1,229.66 per month.

We think you will agree that the cost of IM Mastery Academy is much more reasonable than other offerings. Clearly the costs may be prohibitive for some, however, we strongly encourage people to learn more about this fantastic opportunity lifestyle.

Join IM Mastery Academy

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