When you become a Customer at IM Mastery Academy, they believe in giving you the ability to get their powerful products for free! This is why they offer the 2 And Free promotion. Once you have purchased your Package, all you have to do is REFER TWO other Retail Customers to any combination of Packages, yours is FREE!

In order to qualify

2 And Free from IM
  • You must personally refer any retail customers onto any of the combination of packages.
  • All referrals must be prior to your billing date, not on your billing day.
  • You must be an active IM Mastery Academy customer when your refer two (2) customers.
  • This offer is only for customers, not for IBOs.

What you get

In March of 2020, IM Mastery Academy updated the 2 And Free program. The changes allow you to get the package you purchased for free, instead of defaulting to the Platinum FRX package.

For example

  • If you purchase the FRX Platinum Package, and you refer 2 FRX packs or any combination of FRX, HFX or DCX – You receive a free FRX pack.
  • If you purchase the HFX package, and refer 2 HFX packs or any combination of FRX, HFX or DCX – You receive a free HFX pack.
  • If you purchase the DCX package, and you refer 2 DCX packs or any combination of FRX, HFX or DCX – You receive a free DCX pack.
  • If you purchase the ELITE package and refer 2 ELITE packs – You receive the ELITE pack free.

Special note: There are no 2 and Free options on the Prime monthly package.

Our 2 And Free Recommendation

Everyone has an opinion, right? Well, so do we.

If you are looking to pay as little as possible for IM Mastery Academy , then we suggest that you show the education tools at IM Mastery Academy to 4-6 people, and get them signed up. Over time people will end up leaving the system so you should always have more than the required two in your account.

If you are looking to make an extra income by showing IM Mastery Academy to people, then we suggest waiting until you have 3-4 people in your down line and then sign up to become an IBO. Once you sign up for an IBO you will lose the 2 And Free, but you will start bringing in residual income. Now that you are not getting IM for free, you have a strong incentive to reach Platinum 600, which would cover your monthly IM subscription.